Even if parents

Even if parents Therefore the child on a Sanskrit call a putr, i.


releasing from a hell.

Even if parents very much want to get there, all life made efforts for there to get, the child has the power to it to interfere.

Therefore these steps in the sky, our relations with children are built and in such, can be social or even a sentimental key.

We understand that children are the future.

That we now do with them, then they will do with us.

As we treat children, so we treat the own future.

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Draw the picture

Draw the picture Wash the husband stood nearby and looked at it with disgust.

He told: All right, the specialist in children, we will look, smo whether you zht to cope with it.

I felt that should not strike in dirt person.

I looked at Joshua who still rolled out feet also cried out, then took a pencil and a notebook, le zhashchy at phone.

I kneelt near it, stretched it a pencil and a notebook and told: Show me here as you are angry.

Draw the picture of that you feel.

How to speak that children listened.

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After that

After that Fig.

a At a depth to a belt, having sat down under water to a chin and slightly having deviated back hands above, to carry out a fungus, as on a back, one temporary two hands through the parties to hips.

The palm is turned down.

After that to carry by hands over water in initial situation.

The same but to carry out a fungus the right left hand.

Having sat down under water to a chin a hand at hips, to carry out a fungus the right hand a crawl on a back.

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Naturally, the temperament

Naturally, the temperament We know that we can get it together and work over the perception.

But only emotionally negative experience of the early childhood explains sharp change of mood, a stressozavisimost, groundless irritability.

Infancy this such time when our relation to life develops.

Naturally, the temperament is gift of the nature: one children are born constraining and quiet, others noisy and brave.

But we, parents, can have on them impact, and on us depends, whether they will be happy silent or are happy the courageous.

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FIFTH TASK During performance of exercises accompany trainee sideways.

FIFTH TASK Having performed the fourth task, the child overcame serious psycho logical barrier it managed to come off a bottom and to float in skolzhe scientific research institute some distance.

Fix this, for the present not absolutely sformi rovavshiysya skill.

Help to overcome feeling of uncertainty or stra ha.

Help the child when performing the first exercises with sliding on today's occupation.

Approve, give small support hands.

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